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The opening ceremony of the first China Smart Agriculture Summit

Website Editor: Flying Group │ Published:2017-01-1

2016 Central Economic Work Conference proposed that 2017 is the implementation of the "thirteen five" plan an important year, is the supply side of the structural reform of the deepening year. Agricultural efficiency is one of the key factors in the structural reform of the supply side, and the wisdom agriculture is an important way to realize the efficiency of agricultural festival.
January 7, by the China Wisdom Agricultural Industry Alliance, Beijing Association for the organization of the first China Wisdom Agriculture Annual Summit and "Carpenter Cup" awards ceremony held in China Agricultural University. At the meeting, Dr. Song Hongyuan, Director of the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Wang Maohua, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave speeches on the new policy of wisdom agriculture, the development trend of wisdom agriculture and the prospect of wisdom agriculture.
Participants agreed that intellectual agriculture is the use of Internet of Things technology to traditional agriculture, the use of sensors and software through mobile platforms or computer platforms to control agricultural production, so that traditional agriculture more "wisdom." In addition to precision perception, control and decision management, from a broad sense, the wisdom of agriculture, including agricultural e-commerce, food traceability and other aspects of anti-aspects. Wisdom agriculture will run through all aspects of modern agricultural construction in China.