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Chemical industry core industry
Group investment in agriculture
       In order to lead the technological innovation in the field of agriculture, and to nurture agriculture to help farmers to increase income, speed up the construction of beautiful villages, flying group invested 230 million yuan to establish the Zhangjiagang City fly modern agriculture park, located in Zhangjiagang City famous tourist town Phoenix Town, accounting for To 2512 acres; garden set of food and vegetable fruit and vegetable cultivation, ornamental nursery stock cultivation, poultry / livestock / aquaculture, leisure and tourism, to meet the multi-level multi-level consumer demand。
       Adhering to the "zero pesticide, zero add" the concept of health, flying to create their own agricultural brand "00 agricultural products", the star product "Phoenix honey pear", with the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences to introduce new varieties, Thin thin meat, crisp and juicy features, has been the national "green products" certification mark.
       The future planning of the park will be intelligent agriculture, the idea of organic cultivation to millions of households, rich in "00 agricultural products", "high Zhuang green" for the brand characteristics of agricultural products, planting process and modern agriculture combined with high-tech, Of the unmanned, intelligent management, accelerate the field of agriculture in the field of innovation, to create a set of tourism, leisure, shopping as one of the characteristics of the farm.
       Agricultural products sales hotline:0512-58406021
Group investment in education
       With the full liberalization of the two-child policy, the number of newborns in the country will usher in another peak of growth, taking into account the growth of China's economy and the improvement of residents' income, Chinese families will pay more and more attention to preschool education The size of the market contains a huge development prospects, therefore, after many visits, and ultimately, 2016 group spent $ 127.5 million acquisition of the US industry group Golden Baby's global early childhood growth education business.
       Founded in 1976 in the United States, Gymboree is dedicated to providing children aged 0-5 years with the opportunity to explore, study and entertain in innovative parent-child activities, and its founder, Ms. Joan Barnes, has established herself in the field of early childhood education Revolutionary concept, and Walt Disney, Beatles, JK Rowling and other world-renowned figures were named "change the American children's childhood twenty influential figures"; currently in the world about 733 stores and direct sales center, In the Chinese early education industry is far ahead, and brand awareness and brand preference to continue to expand the advantages.
Fly to buy gold after the baby will be
       - Deep plowing the Chinese market, continue to be a solid leading position, to seize the next 20 years early education bull market;
       - The development of a variety of formats to the influence of the first brand to the upstream and downstream industry chain extension;
       - Consolidate the North American market, expand emerging markets, improve the expansion target;
       - Relying on national policy, do deep vertical areas, the development of kindergarten, primary education.
       At present, it is planned to set up Jinbaobei Global Headquarters and Jinbao Pui Education and Culture Industrial Park in Suzhou Industrial Park, where the headquarters of the group is located, and expand to the K12 education to realize endogenous growth.
Group investment in health care
       China's total cost of health care and per capita consumption is growing year by year, and per capita health costs far lower than the developed countries, with great room for development.
       China's total cost of health care and individual procuring is growing year by year, and per transportation health costs far lower than the developed countries, with great room for development.
       The group has invested in Jonathan Rothberg of Yale University, and has been awarded the National Medals of Technology and Innovation for its pioneering work on gene sequencing, known as "Jobs in the field of biotechnology."

At the same time, the Group through the investment venture capital BIO VENTURE to expand the field to the medical industry, the goal of the future in the new drug creation, intelligent medical, high-end equipment, in vitro diagnosis and so on a place.
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