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Feixiang success thanks to the success of the strategic partnership, we trust each other, share the risk; joint development and co-creation.Our partners are in all areas of the industry.


There are stable suppliers to provide quality products and services in order to enable enterprises to develop steadily. Therefore, in the supplier management, the fly to follow the "win-win" concept from the supplier's source, choice, contract, day-to-day management and evaluation of a systematic specification, designed to join the supplier to achieve all-round common growth.


Logistics providers

Logistics business is not only carrying the product, but also a responsibility to the customer. Therefore, in order to better manage the logistics contractor, the flight has initially established a logistics safety management system, from the storage security, transport and handling safety, as well as tank operation safety have done the corresponding requirements.



We always firmly believe that customers and their needs is the survival of the enterprise, is the development and prosperity of the media. We rely on a professional sales team to accurately grasp the needs of customers and provide competitive solutions for our customers to bring beyond the expected quality of service; we respond quickly, constantly adjust the business strategy and management model, so as to obtain a stronger adaptation Ability and coordination, so that our customers more competitive.


Our strategic partners are: