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Eagle off the beak toe, can only degeneration rebirth, disdain for the sky; Phoenix bath fire Nirvana, can be detached self, Italy nine days. We praise the broken pupa into a butterfly, a glimpse of the magic; we intoxicated flowers Xinfang, peach spit Xin Rui's joy! And fly - a history of more than 40 years after the enterprise, how many lofty dreams need us to step by step to pursue, how many grand blueprint waiting for a pen to describe you?

Looking back at that time, we started from scratch, less than 20 people, less than 2 thousand, less than 2 acres, less than the name of the difficulties, one after another hardships; but rely on never satisfied with the faith, never stop the footsteps, Innovation, we grow from the obscure Sha Chau additives plant has grown into dozens of subsidiaries, scientific research, production and investment in one of the diversified group of enterprises, investment in industrial, chemical, agriculture, education, health care and other fields, in China and even The world stage on the cut. It is because of unremitting efforts to create a glimpse of the glimpse of flying, and write a fly forging ahead of the chapter!
Facing the future, we are loyal, the atmosphere, tough, daring for the momentum will never decline! We are very enthusiastic, leading one step; fly, we are diligent and persistent, struggling to fly! We are committed to the development of our country, Under such a culture, we will fly higher, fly farther! Flying Group will accelerate the development of innovation unwavering, sustained business development is not loose, such as eagle wings, fighting the sky!

We jointly sing "billions of flying is not a dream, a hundred years to fly will come true!" The main theme, in the "transformation and upgrading, innovation and development" under the guidance of long-term strategic objectives, common into the new era of flying!

My heart, my hand for the fly!
I fight, I try, I want strong! I'm strong!                                                                                                                                                  

Shi Jiangang
Chairman of Board of Directors of Jiangsu Feixiang Group